Lion of Evermore - by Steve Hutton

Lion of Evermore - by Steve Hutton

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Lion of Evermore

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Paperback by Steve Hutton

Book 3 of the Dark Raven Chronicles

  Clovis is a witch of his word, but when he promises to release the trickster god Janus from his glass vessel, he knows there is only one place it can be done, and one price that must be paid – a life, namely his life.

  Clovis sets out to make that promise whole, steadily journeying towards a fatal and world-changing showdown with a killer from his home world. Sef is as formidable as Clovis himself, equally skilled in blade and magic but devoid of compassion. He would leave the Earth as cinders just to recapture Janus, and with an army of diseased and ravenous iron-fairies at his command he can do just that.

   Now Clovis, the lion who travelled Evermore, must look to Kolfinnia's witches for help, understanding that even if he defeats Sef there is still a promise to fulfill and a price to pay.