Raven's Wand - by Steve Hutton
Raven's Wand - by Steve Hutton
Raven's Wand - by Steve Hutton
Raven's Wand - by Steve Hutton

Raven's Wand - by Steve Hutton

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First Fantasy Novel with Augmented Reality

A Great Book - 5 STAR Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
with a New Experience (THE MAGIC OF AR)

The first book of the Dark Raven Chronicles trilogy. Paperback (572 pages)

This book includes 4 full colour cards that will activate the Raven's Wand AR experience. These can be played as Augmented Reality with a current smart phone or digital device (Android & Apple)

Raven's Wand is about two opposing secret societies waging a war of belief behind the skin of Victorian Britain. One uses magic to heal the world, while the other twists it into abominations and war machines. Young Kolfinnia has a great task set before her and, with the aid of the Raven wand, she dares more than she ever dreamed possible.

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What people are saying:

"The myths and creatures seem like they could have been taken directly from our past and could still be out there. I have found so much inspiration while reading this work, that when I am in a slump, I find myself turning back to it!" - Jennifer Sherman

 "This well written story caught me from the first page. The world that Mr. Hutton has created is alive and vivid with magic both light and dark, with main characters who are real because you come to love them and share their joy and happiness, cry with them as they struggle to overcome great tragedy, pain and fear, and find yourself battling with them as they fight to protect their way of life and those they love." - Sherry Larson

 "As the story unfolds, you cannot but be literally pulled into its core, join Kolfinnia and her fellow witches of Wildwood in their fight, and face tragedy, loss, horror, doubt, loyalty, friendship, and hope. Raven’s Wand, book 1 (of the Dark Raven Chronicles), is clearly the type of book you cannot put down once you’ve started reading, and as you reach the end, it is quite reassuring to know that more is coming." - Valérie Giese